Church History

On September 28, 1980, a group of baptized believers in Christ assembled themselves together at the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority House located at 1011 West 8th Street, Jacksonville, Florida.  This group of believers met together with one united purpose in mind, namely organizing a church were people could find God, with Jesus Christ as its head and the Holy Bible as its discipline.  The first offering given was in the amount of $85.00.  The group agreed to meet again on October 5, 1980, in Stanton High School at 1149 West 13th Street.

 At the October 5th meeting, the group voted to name itself First United Baptist Church and learned that the old Emanuel Baptist Church building, located at 2221 Forest Street, was available for rent.  This group of believers met once more in the library of Stanton High School on October 12, 1980.

The first meeting held in the church building located on Forest Street on October 19, 1980 was for the purpose of officially calling Rev. W. C. Barker, Jr. as pastor.  Mrs. Emma McClendon, motioned that Reverend William C. Barker, Jr., be elected as pastor.  Deacon Enoch Brooks seconded the motion and by a unanimous vote, Reverend Barker became pastor of this church.  Reverend Barker asked that the name of the church be reconsidered in that there was already a United Baptist Church located in the same area, and recommended the name "King Solomon United Baptist Church."  The recommendation to change the name of the church was adopted by those present.

 From this humble beginning, the church began to grow.  The members of the church volunteered untiringly to renovate the rented sanctuary in order for worship to begin in the month of November.  On November 2, 1980, the first public worship took place in the rented sanctuary of King Solomon United Baptist Church. 

Four hundred-sixty people attended that worship service.  When the invitation was extended, fifty-three new members joined our membership.

On November 9, 1980, our 'Dedication Service' took place and Reverend Cyrus A. Weaver, Pastor of Dayspring Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida delivered the message.  The new members received the right hand of fellowship.  The Lord watched over us and in 1981 lead us into the purchase of our rented sanctuary from Emanuel Baptist  Church.  On May 30, 1982, the 'Cornerstone' for our church was laid.  The speaker for the occasion was Reverend S. L. Badger, Pastor of Emanuel Baptist Church. 

In the year 1984, the members of King Solomon United Baptist Church continued to work untiringly to finish the renovation of the church building.

In 1991, the church mortgage was burned and the church has been operating debt free since that time.  From our humble beginning in 1980, until this present time, we have grown continuously by the grace of God.  Our history is evidence to the words of the song, 'It Is No Secret What God Can Do.'

On June 29, 1997, we began our quest to build a new sanctuary.  We  purchased the entire block across the street from our current sanctuary and surrounding properties.  As we entered the third year of our five-year building program, we noticed that God was blessing us both financially and spiritually at a rapid pace.  "To God Be the Glory." 

On January 12, 2003, Ground Breaking services were held for our new worship center that included a new sanctuary, office suite, classrooms, dining area, and enough parking to sustain us for a number of years.  The completion date was scheduled for July 20, 2004.

On August 8, 2004, we "Crossed Over" to our new worship center and on September 26, 2004 we held our church dedication service with Dr. George W. Weaver as our speaker. 

It was with sadden hearts that Rev. William Cullen Barker Jr. 's retired on Sunday, December 10, 2006 for medical reasons. He shepherded the sheep of this pasture faithfully and untiringly for exactly twenty-six years.  We are grateful and thankful that God allowed him to serve this fellowship with veracious determination and enthusiasm.

 Our church continued to pray and allowed our footsteps to be ordered by God.  The Lord eventually answered our prayers for a new Pastor.  On January 30, 2008, Rev. Mariko T. Billups was called as our Pastor.   Rev. Billups served as pastor until July of 2016.  

In the summer of 2017, Dr. Ronald V. Walters was called to lead King Solomon United Baptist Church into the future.